Need a little design inspo! We're here for you! Take a peek at some of our favorite combos below.

For Little ones

Pink Cowgirl Boots

Font: Little Days | Motif: Heart Boots

Thread Colors: Baby Pink, Cinnamon Candy

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Raindow Baby

Font: Ryan

| Thread Colors: Pink Bubblegum, Orange, Carribean Blue

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Baby Girl Set

Onsie - Font: Little Days | Thread Color: Baby Pink

Bib - Font: Little Days | Thread Color: Baby Pink

Burp Cloth- Font: Kelsey | Thread Color: Baby Pink

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Cowboy Baby

Burp Cloth - Font: Little Days | Motif: Chic Horse | Thread Colors: True Blue

Bib - Font: Johnny | Motif: Chic Hat | Thread Colors: True Blue

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Pink Baby

Burp Cloth - Font: Little Days | Motif: Chic | Thread Colors: Baby Pink, Pink Rose

Bib - Font: Unicorn | Thread Colors: Baby Pink

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cowboy bundle!

Cowboy - Motif: Cowboy | Thread Colors: True Blue

Boots - Font: Johnny | Motif: Chic Boots | Thread Colors: True Blue, Powder Blue

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Font: Bamboo | Motif: Elephant | Thread Colors: Powder Blue, True Blue

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Boots & Hats

Bib - Font: Johnny | Motif: Chic Cowboy Hat | Thread Color: Pink Rose

Onsie - Font: Wexford | Motif: Heart Boots

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Cowgirl Baby!

Font: Johnny | Motifs: Chic Hat | Thread Colors: Pink Rose

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For the Home

Custom Wedding Monogram

For this design please contact us for custimization options.

Mazel Tov

Cocktail Napkins - Font: Carsyn | Thread Colors: Powder Blue, Ultramarine

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Chef Wanted

Font: Crossstich | Thread Color: Cinnamon Candy

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Guest Towel

Font: Unicorn | Motif: Pagoda | Thread Colors: Light Coral Pink, Fuschia

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Lily Guest Towel

Monogram: Nouveau Lily of the Valley | Thread Colors: Keylime, Powder Blue

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Bamboo Guest Towel

Monogram: Simply Bamboo | Thread Colors: Powder Blue, Pink Bubblegum, Kelly Green

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