Tools I use to Embroider Pt. 1

When I set out on this endeavor I knew nothing about embroidery. Except for the fact I loved monograms! Through lots of trial and error I have finally found the secret sauce to making these monograms perfect (well almost perfect)! 

First things first, I embroider on a Brother 10 needle. These are workhorses. I graduated to it after using a Janome single needle for a few months. Essentially I could only do X amount of orders in an 8hr day. The turnaround time was growing from 2 weeks, then 3 and then 4, 5, 6. By getting the multi needle, I was able to shorten back to 2 weeks and then received more orders because of this quick turnaround! If you are wondering if it is time to make that investment (and its a big one), make sure you call around to your local Brother dealers. Prices vary!  You can shop all of my embroidery tools here


I use the Brother Magnetic Flash Frames. They are used daily! I use them for all my bibs, burp cloths, baby body suits, cotton blankets, etc. Currently, I have the 4x4 and 5x7. I purchased these from the dealer when I purchased my machine. They run $400-$500 per hoop and vary by dealer.

Brother PRVMFL 5x7" Magnetic Flash Frame L(Large) with 4 Clamps, Hoop Only without Driver for PR680 PR1055 PR670 PR1050 PR655 PR1000


The other hoops I use are the Durkee EZ Frames. These come in handy for all the backpacks, totes, small bags, and thicker blankets to just say a few. For these frames you use a sticky tearaway stabalizer. I linked my favorite sticky stabalizer below! A big mistake I made when I started using these frames was not using clamps. I love these smaller spring clamps and these heavy duty ones for larger projects such as a boat tote. 


Durkee EZ Frames for Brother 6 and 10 Multi Needle Commercial Embroidery Machines


I also LOVE the hat hoop! I do a lot of baseball caps and youth/toddler hats. The Durkee Hat Hoop does a perfect job for these! 

Durkee Brother and Baby Lock 6 and 10 Cap Frame Embroidery Hoop CFPRMN



There are 3 type of stabilizers, cutaway, tearaway and water soluble. 


My current favorite Cut-Away stabilizer. I use this for pretty much anyting you wear (ex. baby bodysuit, shirts, shorts, etc).

New brothread Cut Away Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Backing 12" x 50 Yd roll - Medium Weight 2.5 Ounce - Cut into Variable Sizes - for Machine Embroidery and Hand Sewing


I use this Tearaway stabilizer the most with my magnetic frames. Then will use this sticky stabailizer with my Durkee EZ frames. I have tried so many types and this one is by far my favorite and a very good price! 

Water Soluble

I use a thinner water soluble when putting on top of a design, (ex stitching on a towel) and a thicker water soluble when doing applique work. 

Spray Adhesive, the glue you need to keep your stabilizer and item together! I am tied between these two brands. Odif 505 and SprayNbond. Make sure to use sparingly. A little goes a long way! I have stained a few items before using way to much.