Giving The Ultimate Baby Gift: How to create one of our baby bundles.

This is your one stop shop for the perfect baby gift! It's simple, select your price point, add the personalized information and list out themes. Then we will come up with a bundle for you! Bundles will include all items across our site for babies (bibs, burp cloths, onesies, trvl bags, shirts, etc). 
Below we will answer all your questions!

How do I know what I am getting?

It’s the monogram’s choice. A variety of items sold on our site. If there’s something specific you don’t want just let us know. You can list the items you would prefer. However, it can’ be guaranteed.

Bundles are customized to your price points?

What if I want specific items?

If you want specific, we suggest you order those items individually.

Does it save money to order a bundle?

Yes! You will save ordering bundles because we don’t charge full monogram price.

It’s the perfect GIFT TO GIVE.

Custom wrapping available for $15