Blind Wine Tasting x Charli Evans

Charli Evans is your modern day homemaker & style enthusiast based in Georgia, with her husband and daughter. Charli is a strong believer that the magic of life is found in the everyday moments.

Before The Big Party!

Choose which wines you will be tasting. It's always smart to stay within the variety of wine your audience prefers. A few examples of our favorite tasting combinations: Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon, all whites of different varietals, all reds of different varietals, & bubbly! You could also choose wines all from a specific region. The combinations are truly endless, but don't be afraid to keep things simple.

Have at least three different wines to taste in each category. (Example: If you are doing a Chardonnay/Cab combo, choose three chardonnays and three cabs.) Also, choose different price points in each category to keep things interesting!

As the hostess, it can be really fun to pick the wines out yourself. But, you can also have each guest bring a bottle. Just be specific as to the type of wine & price point to stay between. Also, make sure they come with the bottle wrapped (& chilled if needed)!

Let The Fun Begin!

Cover the wine bottles. Use festive wrapping paper or burlap bags on Amazon to cover the wine. Lucy Grymes Designs makes the perfect bag for your party (as seen in photos). Utilize gift tags to number the wines, so you don't get confused about what you are looking at.

 Start with pouring everyone a taste from wine number one and work your way to the last, rating as you go! We generally love to stop and talk through each wine and taste them at the same time as a group.

Rate the wines in each category, ranking how expensive from most to least & which you liked the best! Get creative as you go and try to determine what varietal the wine is, what brand, etc.. It can be as broad or as detailed as you like depending on the wine knowledge of your guests.

Chat through it at the end! Oh and be sure to have a little prize for the winner. Maybe a bottle of their favorite wine from the night to take home!